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10 ways to pamper yourself

Sometimes a woman just needs to be pampered. Whether you prefer indulging in a massage or treating yourself to some new clothes, we’ve put together a few ideas for your next pamper day!


1. Ditch the phone

It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s lives, articles on the internet and random stuff on social media. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour and a half watching cat videos when you could have been doing something more productive or relaxing!


2. Read a book

Whatever genre you’re into, nothing beats reading a well-written book. Personally, we love the “I Heart” series by Lindsey Kelk and following Angela’s journey to see how she deals with her initial heartbreak, moving abroad, working on her dream career and shagging two men (yes, two men! 😉) 

If you’re after something more steamy, check out our previous blog post on our Top 5 Sexy Books here.


3. Have a bubble bath

Nothing feels better on your skin than a gorgeous warm bubble bath, complete with a glittery, scented Lush bath bomb. Wanna know how to make that even better? Well, we recently discovered that those polystyrene takeaway boxes float! Eat your cheesy chips, grab a glass of wine, light some candles and indulge your body and senses in what we believe is most definitely pampering heaven...


Bubble Bath


4. Book a couple of beauty treatments

Sometimes you just need to go out and get a good pedicure and set of gel nails to make yourself feel brand new. The only stressful part is picking which colour to have, right?!


5. Shopping

Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? Treat yourself to some new clothes and lingerie (hint hint) and wear it around the house like a totally empowered Goddess!


6. Have an orgasm

Blow the dust off of your old favourite vibrator or grab your partner and get to it! The surge of oxytocin that occurs during an orgasm triggers a release of feel-good endorphins that also act as powerful pain relievers. Win win! If you're going at it solo, check out some of our favourite sex toys here.


7. Eat cake and exercise


It’s fine to indulge in a chocolate cupcake or sharing bag of Cheetos every now and again! If you usually have a well-balanced diet, there is no problem with adding in a few treats every now and again and then working out as usual. Treat yo’self 🙌




8. Travel

A lot of people struggle to find the time to really explore the world. It’s important to have a healthy work/life balance and, if you do, you’ll be able to take a few days at the weekend to go somewhere new without having to check your emails every ten minutes. There’s so many beautiful cities within a couple of hours flight from London so why not book a few days away to switch off and relax? If you're in need of some inspo, check out our guide to the gorgeous Budapest.


9. Get a decent night’s sleep

Sick of feeling crappy in the morning because you stayed up until 3am watching Orphan Black? We’re sure as hell guilty! Try to manage your time more efficiently so you still get to do everything you want to that day, but also get a good 8 hours of sleep.


10. Get a haircut or blowdry

There’s just something about hair salons that make you feel great. Whether it be the free cocktails at Taylor Taylor going to your head a little too quickly or the way you feel after a great cut and deep condition, it’s great to treat yourself to a salon day every now and again!


Taylor Taylor


What’s your favourite way to pamper yourself?




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