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How to talk dirty in French

They say that French is the language of love and we couldn’t agree more. The sophisticated sounds that roll softly off the tongue are like music to our ears…no wonder dirty talk sounds so much sexier in French!


Because we love it so much and want to share it with you guys, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite naughty French phrases to help you spice up your own sex life, une phrase à la fois 😉


The city of love


For the ladies:

Plus fort! - Harder!

Plus vite! - Faster!

Oh oui! - Oh yeah!

Encore! - Again!

C'est bon! - It feels good!

Embrasse moi - Kiss me

Prends-moi par derrière - Take me from behind

Donne-moi une fessée - Spank me (see above for how to say "harder")


Moulin Rouge


For the men:

Tu m'excites - You turn me on

Tu me rends fou - You drive me crazy

C'était super - That was great (DUHHHH)

Tu es si belle - You're so beautiful (*melts*)

Baise-moi - Fuck me

N’arrête pas! - Don’t stop!

Viens ici - Come here


French Kiss


Don’t forget to tweet or message us some of your favourite foreign phrases to use in the bedroom (in any language) so we can learn some more and spread the word!


Happy love making, mes amours ;)





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