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Me time: Make the most of a long weekend in Budapest

It’s easy to feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed when you’re constantly trying to maintain a decent work/life balance; sometimes you just need a little break away from reality and take some time out to concentrate on yourself.


We recently visited Budapest and, despite torrential rain and getting a hole in one of our fave pairs of shoes, we had a lovely time and came back feeling fresh and ready to get back to work! We’ve put together a few of our favourite things to do during a short break in the “Paris of the East.”




Budapest is split into two parts: Buda and Pest. Buda is generally quite hilly so it’s better to stay on the Pest side in our opinion (we are kinda lazy though). We stayed in District VII (a.k.a the Jewish Quarter) and it was within walking distance of most things! We totally recommend taking a walk down to the river Danube to check out the Hungarian Parliament building; if you cross the Chain Bridge and go up Castle Hill, you get a gorgeous view of it from the other side of the water. You can also go on an evening river cruise where you see everything looking picturesque and lit up - this is under £10 with a cocktail…winner winner chicken dinner!


Budapest Danube


It’s also worth checking out the “Shoes on the Danube” tribute to the people who were killed in the war and the famous House of Terror. If you find these options a bit too depressing, there’s a gorgeous cake shop underneath the Szamos Chocolate Museum (yes, a chocolate museum!!) right by the Metro station, where you can have a hot drink and a cake for under £4 (holiday calories don’t count, right?).


House of Terror


Trying new foods


We went to Great Market Hall as it was recommended by many people on good ole’ TripAdvisor. It’s super easy to get to if you use Google Maps, and transport is generally only £1 per journey if you find some things too far to walk to. The market was huge and full of fresh veg, meat, souvenirs and a shit tonne of paprika, but we went there to try some traditional Hungarian street food: goulash and lángos. The goulash was quite salty for us but the lángos was to die for. If you like carbs then you defo need to try the cheese and red onion one…or the Nutella and strawberry one…or both (we won’t tell if you won’t!).


Market     Langos


We also discovered an absolute gem which was called Hummusbar. There are quite a few around Budapest and just reading their menu made our mouth water. We opted for: a plate of hummus with tahini and paprika, chips, two stuffed pittas and two beers. This was under £15 for the two of us and the food was to die for - we basically had to be rolled out.


Hummus Bar


Spa day


You cannot go to Budapest without going to one of their famous thermal spa baths. We went to the most popular one, Szechenyi, and it cost around £15 each for all day entry and a private changing cabin. There are three gorgeously warm outdoor pools and loads of smaller ones inside - all are different sizes/temperatures and the minerals in the water are said to be really good for your body. If you fancy it, they hold their famous spa bath parties at the weekend there too!


Spa Baths




£2 cocktails from this place. Need we say more? 


Also, there are kebab shops/Gyros places dotted around everywhere so you can get a nice, London-esque drunk kebab on your way home for £2 too. Sorted!!


Just don’t stay in an AirBnb with a ladder to get up to your bed if you’re planning on drinking because you WILL end up having to sleep on the floor at the bottom of the stairs so you don’t die.


Just sayin’…



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