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The Best Public Places To Have Sex In

I'm sure you'll agree, sex is bloody great (most of the time) but it can get a bit repetitive doing it in the same two rooms of your house over and over again. Fancy some extra excitement and something a bit different this year? Read on for our rcommendation on the best public places to have sex in…



In the car


The best thing about car sex is that you can have the freedom to go anywhere you please. If you don’t fancy making love in a Tesco car park at 2am then why not go for a drive (you can get in the mood by talking about what you're going to do to each other and listen to your fave sexy tunes) until you find a nice quiet spot with a more scenic background. If you need some more practical tips on making this work, check out our Car Sex Tips blog post.


Car Sex 


In the showers at a public swimming pool


Ok so we know this sounds a bit specific but that’s because we’ve totally tried and tested this...


Take a few hours out of your schedule to go for a swim together (exercise and a date day - winning!). When you’re both bored of the pool and can’t stop thinking about each other, make your way to a shower cubicle. Act as if you’re going to shower and wash your hair together but only have one shampoo bottle to share (clever, right?!). When you come out, you’ll be clean and showered and no one will suspect a thing! Just avoid eye contact with the family of 4 waiting outside 😂





On a plane 


Having sex on a plane can be quite difficult when flying economy because of all the people and lack of toilets/space in general. However, if you’re going on holiday and fancy treating yourselves to a higher class (if you’re flying long haul for example), you can take advantage of the free alcohol, big blankets and private sections if you know what we mean 😉





In a restaurant loo


Dinner taking too long to arrive? Pop to the loo for a quickie! We recommend going in one at a time to avoid suspicion and using one of the disabled toilets if the restaurant is not too busy. Oh, and it’s definitely worth having a fun day out going to different restaurants and bars around London to assess the toilet situation (Sketch and Nopi are some of our fave restaurant bathrooms).




What’s your favourite public place to have sex in?! And drop us a message if you’ve got any funny stories too!

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