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Top 10 London Winter Date Nights

The nights are drawing in and romance is in the air. We’ve hand-picked our top ten places to visit in London for a date night to remember; from chemistry inspired cocktail bars to cinemas with double beds, we guarantee you’ll find something in this list that tickles your fancy…


 1. Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden


This restaurant is known as one of the most romantic in London and it’s easy to see why. The interior is covered in fake white blossoms, fairy lights, candles and mirrors to make your dining and drinking experience one of the most memorable. If your man takes you here for a date night, marry his ass!!

Clos Maggiore


2. Coppa Club, Tower Bridge


For the second year in a row, Coppa Club has transformed their outside seating area into cute little igloos that are available for hire. They have a gorgeous view of London and they’re fully heated and come with blankets to snuggle in too! We couldn’t think of a better place to go for dinner and a few cocktails…

Coppa Club


3. Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard


There’s something about these rooms that give off some serious sexy vibes. The view over London from the glass walls give the rooms that special touch. Pack your Twisted Temptress Set and order some champers for a night full of debauchery with your lover 😉



4. Junkyard Golf Club, Brick Lane


If you’re looking for something more “hands on”, then Junkyard Golf Club may be for you. Players can choose between 4 different themed courses and putt their way through all kinds of weird scenarios as well as grab a drink (in a red cup, of course) before, during or after the game. Drunk golf with bae? Yes please.

Junkyard Golf


5. The Alchemist, Aldgate


If you love cocktails then look no further than The Alchemist. Their cocktails are famous for being intriguingly chemistry inspired. Book a cocktail masterclass for you and your love to learn how to make your own cocktails (and drink them after of course!).

The Alchemist 


6. Bob Bob Ricard, Soho


If you have Instagram then you’ve probably seen the famous “press for champagne” buttons in the booths in Bob Bob Ricard. With the pretty interior, easy access to champagne, and central location, it’s the perfect date night location if you want somewhere where you can eat, chat and drink to your heart’s content.

Bob Bob Ricard


7. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park


From perusing the Christmas stalls and ice skating to eating Bratwurst and drinking mulled wine, there’s enough to do at Winter Wonderland to make a great date evening.

Winter Wonderland


8. Electric Cinema, Portobello


Sick of sitting in uncomfortable cinema chairs with no leg room? Head to the Electric Cinema. You can choose between hiring an armchair, a sofa or a double bed (yes, a double bed!). Watch your chosen film in comfort with snacks, alcohol and a soft cashmere blanket. Cosy AF!

Electric Cinema


9. Sarastro, Covent Garden


If you’re after something extravagant and memorable then look no further. The decor in this restaurant is something you’ve probably never seen before and the live opera music (certain days of the week only) really adds to the whole experience. We’d highly recommend checking out the semi-pornographic art by the bathrooms!



10. Dans Le Noir, Clerkenwell


This is one of London’s quirkiest restaurants. The waiters are all blind and the whole dining experience is in complete darkness! You are able to choose between three menus (carnivore, vegetarian and chef’s surprise) and can try to guess what you ate after the meal! It’s the perfect restaurant if you’re looking for something different and new to try with your partner.

Dans Le Noir




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