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Twisted’s Top Ten Flavoured (and Affordable) Lubes


They say that good things come in threes and lube is no exception; it pairs perfectly with your favourite lingerie and your favourite lover. Like liquid magic in a bottle, it makes masturbation, foreplay and sex way more intense - we just can’t recommend it enough!

 There are so many flavours available and we can all relate to the struggle of trying to pick a favourite of anything; so, to help you lovers out, the team at Twisted have complied a list of our top ten flavoured lubes that guarantee to leave your tastebuds (and vaginas) tingling… 😉


1. Durex Very Cherry - £4.99

 Very Cherry

The pump is easy to use and, for the size of the bottle, it’s really good value for money. The lube itself is slightly sticky but the flavour is divine - it makes you want to skip work to stay in bed and feast on your partner all day. 😈

Twisted rating: 4.5/5


2. Wilko Bubblegum - £1.50


Who even knew that Wilko had their own brand of lube?! This one is really cheap and pocket sized so perfect for shoving in your clutch bag on a Friday night if you know what we’re saying… 😏

Twisted rating: 4/5


3. Ann Summers Chocolate Orange - £4

 Chocolate Orange

It’s like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange without the saturated fat. What more do we need to say? 💪

Twisted rating: 5/5


4. ID Juice Lubes Pina Colada - £9.99

 Pina Colada

This lube will give you serious holiday vibes. It tastes like summer and seriously, what’s better than orgasms and sunshine? 🌞

Twisted rating: 5/5


5. Ann Summers Candy Floss - £8

Candy Floss

If you have a sweet tooth like we do, this is the flavour for you. Everyone wants a clit that tastes like candyfloss, right? 👅

Twisted rating: 4/5


6. Lovehoney Peppermint £6.99


Perfect for morning sex if you ask us! The fresh minty flavour combined with the slight tingly sensation makes this lube the perfect go-to bottle in the mornings when you don’t want to kill the vibe by running to the bathroom to clean your teeth! 💋

Twisted rating: 4/5


7. Ann Summers Cookie Dough - £4

 Cookie Dough

Just like the meme says… 🍪

Twisted rating: 4.5/5


8. Bondara Passion Fruit - £5.99

Passion Fruit

Drake likes passion fruit so it must be good. The mixture of this exotic fruity scent and your natural juices will make your partner crazy. 💦

Twisted rating: 5/5


9. ID Fruitopia Natural Mango Passion - £8.99


You can fully embrace your wild side with this mango flavoured lube. It’s not too sticky and the taste will make you feel like you and your partner are frolicking on your own private island. 😍

Twisted rating: 5/5


10. Playboy Strawberry Kiss - £8.50

 Strawberry Kiss

Can you beat a classic strawberry flavour? This is not as sickly as the Durex Strawberry lube which makes it much more enjoyable and more-ish. Plus, the Playboy branding itself implies sexuality which adds to the whole experience if you ask us. 😘

Twisted rating: 4/5


We hope you enjoy trying out these flavours as much as we did!


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