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Twisted Size Guide

Not sure about your size? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.


Use the below to figure out the right size for you, or drop us a note if you’ve got any questions.


The majority of our Xenia collection is highly adjustable, providing you with a truly personalised fit. All of the designs have both adjustable elastic strapping and sheer stretch mesh, allowing a significant level of size alteration. This means our Small, Medium and Large range cater for a wide variety of cup / back sizes and shapes.



Bra Sizing

Our Xenia Bra is a non-wired bra, made with soft triangle cups supported by comfortable elastic and functional straps. Like most bras, the shoulder straps are adjustable, but you can also alter the strapping across the chest to ensure a comfortable fit. The stretchiness of the materials coupled with the bra’s lack of structure lends itself well to a range of cup and back sizes.

Our Frame Bra is an open cup bra which leaves nothing to the imagination. It uses the same stretch elastic as the rest of the collection, and the straps around the neck and cup are fully adjustable. Take your normal back size and layer over a white tee for a slightly less provocative look.  


Knickers, Supender, Babydoll & Playsuit

Other Sizing

The minimal coverage Xenia Knicker is low rise and fits true to size. Very much designed for comfort and a close fit, the knicker combines adjustable elastic strapping around the leg, hip and waist with sheer stretch mesh across the front and back.  

Our High Waist Knicker is equally adjustable; not only around the leg, hip and waist but the straps under the waistband can also be altered to ensure the knicker truly sits and highlights the narrowest part of your waist.

Much like the Frame Bra, the Frame Knicker is open (read our Frame Lingerie FAQ here). The straps on the legs and waist of this knicker are completely adjustable, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit regardless of body size and shape.

Our curve-contouring Suspender sits at your natural waist and creates a harness effect over your hips. The elasticated strapping allows some flexibility but we recommend picking the same size you'd choose for high-waisted jeans.  

Our Babydoll features the same daring bare breasts as the Frame Bra but with a soft stretch mesh skirt. Like the bra, the straps around the neck and cup can be adjusted so your usual back size will fit a treat.

The Xenia Playsuit combines a non-wired bra and low-rise knicker held together by fully adjustable elasticated straps. As with the bra, the shoulder and chest straps are adjustable, as is the waistband on the knicker so no need for you to be the same size up top as you are down below. Take the appropriate back size and adjust the rest to achieve your ideal fit.


If you can't find your size, we're sorry! Twisted Lingerie only recently launched so we're just getting started. We are working on expanding our sizing range so sign up to our newsletter to find out more.  

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