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What’s the secret to lingerie?

Whether you conceal your Twisted side under your workwear or style your underwear as outerwear, we believe that lingerie is a way of feeling confident.


The first step to unleashing your inner babe is what lies beneath... Feeling fab under your clothes is a MUST, regardless of whether anyone else will sneak a peek of you in it or not.


We believe lingerie can and SHOULD be about more than just sex; lingerie should be something that women wear for themselves that makes them look and feel as good as they deserve.


Lingerie means different things to different people. We asked our lovely followers what lingerie means to them and here are some of the responses…


Jordan Ebbitt


“Getting in touch with my inner cougar and feeling sexy and womanly!”


 “An expression of my personality. Especially who I become in the bedroom!”


"It means knowing your wife walking next to you has sexy lingerie on and secretly smiling at her with that knowing look that nobody else knows.”


“Lingerie is an obsession to me. I'm obsessed by structure, perfect stitching and delicate fabrics. it's a joy for the eyes and the soul, it's shape and beauty. I just love it.”


Lingerie Confident


“It's the most fundamental thing we wear and has to be beautiful, functional and comfortable.”


“It’s something that you can wear at any age to boost your confidence and treat yourself with. There’s so many different types of lingerie on the market so even if you don’t want tons of skin showing when you wear your fancy undies, you can just find something you personally feel comfortable and sexiest in... I love the fact that there’s that choice.”


“To me it's a bit of a hidden confidence boost. To know that I'm wearing sexy but comfortable lingerie underneath the most boring of clothes (even under my old AF loungewear), it just lights me up a little bit and makes me feel good!”


“Being body confident and knowing you can suck the soul out of any man!”


“To me, lingerie is a great way of making myself feel good. I have so many different style sets and I just love the feeling I get when I put on a full-blown matching set!”


“Lingerie has helped me to love my body even more. My boyfriend loves my new found confidence AND my bum in lingerie. It’s a winner!


Secret to Lingerie


What does lingerie mean to you? Get in touch and let us know!

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